Young Musicians Award 2020

Island Consort is pleased to announce our 2020 Young Musicians Award winner! Each year, we award a $500 grant to a young musician on Whidbey pursuing classical performance studies. This year's winner is Katherine (Katie) Zundel, a junior at South Whidbey High School.

Katie plays the flute and baritone saxophone in the SWHS jazz band, pep band and wind ensemble, all under the direction of Chris Harshman. He describes Katie as "one of the finest students he has known in 30 years of teaching--informed, disciplined, focused who also displays remarkable maturity in her ability to understand and apply musical concepts." For six years she has studied privately with saxophonist Neil Welch. Welch describes his student as "a passionate and expressive musician, musically gifted and academically-driven that displays strong potential as a future performer."

Music is "one of the most treasured parts" of Katie's life, and she intends to continue her musical studies in college. She intends to apply her award to purchasing her own baritone saxophone, as she is currently using a school instrument. We could not be happier in granting Katie our 2020 award!






Young Musicians Award 2019


Meet our YMA 2019 Winner, Alexander Amick:


Island Consort is pleased to announce that Alexander Amick has been chosen as the recipient of Island Consort's Young Musicians Award 2019. Our award is based first and foremost on musicality, technical acumen and dedication to their musical craft. The secondary criterion is selecting someone for whom our small $500 award will do the greatest amount of good, in keeping with Island Consort's musical mission.


Alexander Amick is a budding pianist and a senior at Oak Harbor High School. He currently studies piano with Dr. Kay Zavislak, a professor at Western Washington University and music theory with Island resident and notable composer Janice Giteck, a retired professor from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. In addition to his solo piano explorations, he currently accompanies the Oak Harbor High School Choir and has also played for musical theater productions. Born into a navy family, he is the youngest of three children who also believes in community service. He provides tutoring to other students and is a member of the Big Brother, Big Sister program. Alexander's personal mission is to "connect with his audience, to provide solace and give people hope" in a way that only music does.

Island Consort is thrilled to offer this award to Alexander in support of his evolving musicianship, commitment to music and elevation of our community. Congratulations, Alex!


2018 Young Musicians Award:

Island Consort is pleased to announce our 2018 Young Musicians Award recipient,

Annie Dee Saltee from Clinton, Washington.

Annie is a junior at South Whidbey High School. She plays both classical and jazz baritone saxophone, and classical bassoon. She studies with Neil Welch and Chris Harshman, and plays in the SWHS jazz band and pep band.  She has been devoted to music her whole life, singing, playing guitar, ukulele and flute in addition to her focus on saxophone and bassoon. Annie says, "I want to be a musician; it is as simple as that. There is no other choice for me. I eat, sleep and breathe music. It allows me to express myself in a way that nothing else can or ever will. In everyday life, when I get on that stage, or in that rehearsal or practice room--my soul is allowed to roam."

She loves performing and spends a considerable portion of her every day in personal practice or ensemble rehearsal. She competes in Washington State's annual solo-ensemble competition and, in 2017 and in 10th grade, went to the State level.  2018 will be the 6th year she's performed with the school's jazz band at the Monterey Jazz Festival. In addition to the High School jazz band and pep band, she also has a wind ensemble and co-leads a student-directed jazz combo.

Her saxophone mentor, Neil Welch, says this of Annie, "In Annie's work I see a driven, passionate young artist that puts the fullest of herself into each musical phrase. But I am also privileged to know Annie, and her family on a personal level as well. Annie is a kind, generous and animated person that lights up the room in her subtle and powerful way. These are traits that will prove invaluable in her musical future. I am thankful to work with Annie, and eager to see and hear where her musical gifts will take her in the years to come."

Island Consort is thrilled to support Annie with this Young Musicians Award 2018! Come hear her solo in Island Consorts May 20th all-French program, for which she'll play a piece by Jacques Ibert on her baritone sax!

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